A dearest friend passed away

It was 1 am when I got the shocking news that my friend Mado has passed away.

I was hanging out with my friends. I couldn’t believe myself. I harried to home to check my mail and my messenger friends who confirmed the sad news.

He was on a holy trip to Mecca with family and they had an accident on the way back. Everyone died in the accident and they where berried in KSA. Today is Friday and everyone is going to his consolation except me. I couldn’t go because I had to meet some people. “It was a very sad trip to his home town full of cheerful memories and tears” I was told.

Rest in peace my friend. You will be remembered forever.


Neo said...

oh that i bd really bad

it happened to me b4 my thanawia exams with 5 days, i'll leave u to imajine what happened

may his soul be rest in peace

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