The world without my glasses

The first thing I usually do when I wake up is to wear my glasses.
Today I did the same but while walking towards the bathroom my glasses dropped and it was broken :(

What should I do now? I don't have time to be wasted. I've to continue working on my graduation project. So I decided to get back to my home town Tanta to get my spare glasses. It was 7 in the morning.

I walked in the streets on my way to the bus station. Everything is blur. I can't recognize shapes from people. I have to count on my sense to get to my destination. From time to time I used my broken glasses to see where I am. Luckily today is Friday and streets are almost empty. The funny thing that a girl stopped me to ask for the time and I couldn't help her. You may ask how did I know that she is a girl. From her voice silly - and shape too ;). Finally I got to the bus station and got into one.

On the way I couldn't see the world outside the bus. I had to keep my head busy to distract it from the blur world. I thought about everything and that made my trip very long.

Finally I got home and quickly searched for my old spare glasses. Now I can see some but I need to fix my broken glasses so I went to the glasses shop and paid extra money to get my new glasses instantly.

A piece of advice. Keep your spare glasses near you wherever you go.



Neo said...

sorry for ur glasses biso i know this is hard....

my oculist did it to me once b4 he made me take off my glasses i spent 2 weeks with that blur immage that i once was hitted in a big white column in our school but here iam now i can walk without it and without lenses too

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