Just graduated

Today is a remarkable day in my life. I have just graduated after 4 years studying in MUFIC.
Yes, I am extremely happy. I can't believe that I won't study stupid subjects or attend useless lecture or take unpredictable exams any more. I am free :)
After almost one month from my last exam, we could finish Watchdog project. From today for few days I will enjoy laziness.



The world without my glasses

The first thing I usually do when I wake up is to wear my glasses.
Today I did the same but while walking towards the bathroom my glasses dropped and it was broken :(

What should I do now? I don't have time to be wasted. I've to continue working on my graduation project. So I decided to get back to my home town Tanta to get my spare glasses. It was 7 in the morning.

I walked in the streets on my way to the bus station. Everything is blur. I can't recognize shapes from people. I have to count on my sense to get to my destination. From time to time I used my broken glasses to see where I am. Luckily today is Friday and streets are almost empty. The funny thing that a girl stopped me to ask for the time and I couldn't help her. You may ask how did I know that she is a girl. From her voice silly - and shape too ;). Finally I got to the bus station and got into one.

On the way I couldn't see the world outside the bus. I had to keep my head busy to distract it from the blur world. I thought about everything and that made my trip very long.

Finally I got home and quickly searched for my old spare glasses. Now I can see some but I need to fix my broken glasses so I went to the glasses shop and paid extra money to get my new glasses instantly.

A piece of advice. Keep your spare glasses near you wherever you go.


A dearest friend passed away

It was 1 am when I got the shocking news that my friend Mado has passed away.

I was hanging out with my friends. I couldn’t believe myself. I harried to home to check my mail and my messenger friends who confirmed the sad news.

He was on a holy trip to Mecca with family and they had an accident on the way back. Everyone died in the accident and they where berried in KSA. Today is Friday and everyone is going to his consolation except me. I couldn’t go because I had to meet some people. “It was a very sad trip to his home town full of cheerful memories and tears” I was told.

Rest in peace my friend. You will be remembered forever.

No More Exams!

Yes that is true! This is my final year at college and today I've just finished my last exam (hopefully to pass all).
The funny part that all my friends envy me because I am about to graduate and most of them still serving one or two years in the college. Good luck my friends :D

The Googler Dream

As most of you know I'm still a student but sooner enough I'll start looking for job.

Today, Tantawi messaged me that there is an interview with Google Executive in Middle East/Egypt on the local channel 2. Regardless of the stupid questions in the interview, it made me think a lot.

I recently heard from a friend who had an interview at Google main office that you have to make at least 15 interview just to work at Google. He did only 7 :(.

Living in Google (not working) is great. You can eat, swing, gym, football and even sleep in your office :|

Why they do that?

Our employees are everything. We are focused on providing an environment where talented, hard working people are rewarded for contributions to Google and for making the world a better place.
Larry Page, Google Co-founder
Stanford University
That what made me looking forward to be a Googler.

How to be a Googler?
Very simple. Just find yourself in the following list:
  • People with broad knowledge and expertise in many different areas of computer science and mathematics.
  • People with world-class programming skills.
  • People with excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • People who are passionate about their work and are great colleagues.
  • People who enjoy working in a high-energy, unstructured environment on very small project teams.
  • People with diverse interests and skills.
The final thing to say "Do you want to be a Googler"?
Waiting for your comment.


Fedora 7 is here

I have been waiting for this release and now it is installed and running on my machine :)

They claim that the performance have been significantly improved.

The first thing I notice is the new installation and login interface which looks cool.
Anyway, I have to go study as I am having a "Compiler Design" exam tomorrow!!

Which me luck and wait for me Fedora ;)


CPP - Copy Paste Protocol

No, it is not a new internet protocol and it has no relationship with networking at all. It is just a new protocol we invented in MUFIC.

CPP, as i already mentioned in the title, stands for Copy Paste Protocol which simply means copy the study in your head, paste it on the exam paper. Simple huh?

The first person who mentioned this CPP is my loyal friend Tanahy. We had another exam which we didn't know where to start studying so we started COPYING the sheet's solutions into our head :)

This kind of protocol works very will with the people we used to call "Sons of Silence" who Always do nothing during the term BUT they ALWAYS get high marks. make sense? Welcome to MUFIC.

Anyway, you are free to test, implement, use CPP.


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