The Googler Dream

As most of you know I'm still a student but sooner enough I'll start looking for job.

Today, Tantawi messaged me that there is an interview with Google Executive in Middle East/Egypt on the local channel 2. Regardless of the stupid questions in the interview, it made me think a lot.

I recently heard from a friend who had an interview at Google main office that you have to make at least 15 interview just to work at Google. He did only 7 :(.

Living in Google (not working) is great. You can eat, swing, gym, football and even sleep in your office :|

Why they do that?

Our employees are everything. We are focused on providing an environment where talented, hard working people are rewarded for contributions to Google and for making the world a better place.
Larry Page, Google Co-founder
Stanford University
That what made me looking forward to be a Googler.

How to be a Googler?
Very simple. Just find yourself in the following list:
  • People with broad knowledge and expertise in many different areas of computer science and mathematics.
  • People with world-class programming skills.
  • People with excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • People who are passionate about their work and are great colleagues.
  • People who enjoy working in a high-energy, unstructured environment on very small project teams.
  • People with diverse interests and skills.
The final thing to say "Do you want to be a Googler"?
Waiting for your comment.



Tanahy said...

Strongly, I want to be a Googler

Mido Dido said...

of course i want to be one.. but i wonder.. can i??

un said...

Surely i wanna be a googler
but i wonder when you wrote find yourself in the following list you meant all of thelist or i may find myself in one thing of the list ?

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