CPP - Copy Paste Protocol

No, it is not a new internet protocol and it has no relationship with networking at all. It is just a new protocol we invented in MUFIC.

CPP, as i already mentioned in the title, stands for Copy Paste Protocol which simply means copy the study in your head, paste it on the exam paper. Simple huh?

The first person who mentioned this CPP is my loyal friend Tanahy. We had another exam which we didn't know where to start studying so we started COPYING the sheet's solutions into our head :)

This kind of protocol works very will with the people we used to call "Sons of Silence" who Always do nothing during the term BUT they ALWAYS get high marks. make sense? Welcome to MUFIC.

Anyway, you are free to test, implement, use CPP.



AmR said...

I've been using this protocol nearly for years

I think I should be credited for that !


إيهاب عبدالوهاب said...

it's useful for learning and get success using the very shortest way

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